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Senior Citizens Day celebration at Little Sisters of the Poor, Coonoor!

On October 1st, 2022 World elders day, Mrs.V. Deepana Visveswari, Sub collector of Coonoor and Mr. N. Bella Gowder, Tahsildar came to our Home with their team at to honour and appreciate our senior citizens who are above 80 years old, for their contribution towards the country as citizens of India. Each of the Residents above 80 received an appreciation certificate from them. Mrs.V. Deepana Visveswari also gave Rs.5000/- as a donation towards our Home.

At 4.00 pm, we had a talent show program for our Residents. Some participated in the Fancy dress Competition and many others were singing and dancing. It was a lovely afternoon spent together.

Welcoming Mrs.V. Deepana Visveswari, Sub-Collector of Coonoor!

Receiving the Appreciation Certificate!

King Philip and Queen Elizabeth II

Fancy Dress Competition - Representing Saint Jeanne Jugan!


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