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Youth Participation

Many Students from different colleges visit our Residents regularly and some of them do internship in our Homes and learn valuable lessons for their lives.

Many Schools & Colleges bring their students and give them an awareness program by visiting and interacting with our elderly People.

Are you a school or university student looking for a way to make a difference in the world?  To find a place where you can volunteer your time and talents?

Youth are always welcome in our homes, for they bring joy and new life to the elderly like no one else can. As they serve, young people also discover the truth of Jesus words, "It is more blessed to give than to receive!" (Acts 20:35).

Young people are welcome individually or in groups, on a long-term or short-term basis, to entertain the Residents, animate a dance or Bingo party, or perform a variety of services. 

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Ritu Jain

Testimony of Ritu Jain, a student of Christ University, who had done internship at the Little Sisters of the Poor at 26, Hosur Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025

                      During my time at this NGO I got to learn a lot of things. I did a lot of things here that I do not do at my home. Seeing the old inmates here made me realize the value of family, parents and also love. Our parents raise us with so much love and selflessness and when our turn comes to take care of them, we should never  step back and abandon them. I realised how lucky I am to have grown up under the shadow of my grandparents. The inmates here are like my grandparents and seeing them here, trying to build a new life, trying to make new friends, trying to forget all their trauma and trying to be happy makes me happy for them and also breaks my heart. I wish their children would have treated them better and given them the love they deserve.

                   While working here, anyone who would see us doing something for them would get so happy and bless us. An old granny once kept her hand on my head and said, "Thank you. I will pray for you. May God keep you happy." I can never forget this moment because it gave me so much happiness. I learnt the value of gratitude and good deeds. Coming here made me feel good about myself.

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