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Consecrated Hospitality

By our fourth vow of hospitality we promise God to consecrate ourselves totally to the service of the elderly poor.

Continuing the work of Saint Jeanne Jugan, our mission is to offer the neediest elderly of every race and religion a home where they will be welcomed as Christ, cared for as family and accompanied with dignity until God calls them to himself.

Saint Jeanne Jugan, said it this way, “Never forget that the poor are Our Lord. In caring for the poor say to yourself: This is for my Jesus—what a great grace!”





Our lives are made up of many humble, hidden tasks. We serve the elderly day and night, striving to meet their physical needs, to make them happy and to minister to them spiritually.We accomplish our mission together as a community, each one bringing her gifts and talents to the work of hospitality.

The accompaniment and care of the dying is the summit of our vocation. It is a powerful witness of the culture of life.Consecrated hospitality is a witness to the mercy and compassionate love of the heart of Jesus. 


Following the counsels of Saint Jeanne Jugan,the Little Sisters of the Poor strive to carry out their service to the elderly poor with these sentiments. Always attentive to the elderly whom we desire to serve and love, we take into account the inner thoughts and needs of the Aged.

Needs of the elderly

  • Longing to feel themselves useful

  • Recognition of their dignity

  • Desire of being respected

  • Esteemed and loved

  • Apprehension of solitude, together with the wish for a certain independence and privacy

  • Need for security

  • In health as in sickness

The teachings of the Church continue to guide us - Respect for life, by strongly opposing the introduction of euthanasia. We strive to respond to these needs by progressing in the exercise of hospitality, with respect and attention towards each of the Aged.

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