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                  The first foundation in India was in Kolkata. The first group of the Little Sisters of the Poor arrived in Kolkata on November 30, 1882 to be at the service of the aged poor.

              Bangalore St Joseph was the next which was founded April 30, 1990 at the request of Bishop Kleiner’s persistent request. The next Home to be founded was Secunderabad in 1903Settling first in Malakpet, Little Sisters were then, in 1905, were gifted 6 ½ acres of land in Musheerabad by the Nizam of Hyderabad, who responded magnanimously to the appeal of the Little Sisters. Foundation in Chennai was established on 4th May 1934. Four Little Sisters from Colombo  set foot on the Holy ground of Madras then called, sanctified by the Martyrdom of St Thomas, the apostle.

                Then the Homes were founded successively in Mumbai on August 1954, in 1968 another Home for the Aged, Bangalore Perpetual Secours, in Bangalore along with a Novitiate for the training of young women to become Little Sisters  was inaugurated  in Bangalore on Hennur Road.

      The Home in Coonoor followed on February 11, 1969 at the request of Bishop Anthony Padiyara, in Mysore on May 1st 1971, in Tuticorin on January 28th 1977, in Mangalore on August 1978, in Erode on August 27th 1980, in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,in June 1982, in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh on September 12th 2004, in Goa at the request of Bishop Philip Neri Ferrão, the Archbishop of Goa and Daman, the Little Sisters of the Poor set foot on Goa for their new foundation in Carmona, South Goa on January 3rd 2021 and in Sawantwadi on October 25th 2021.





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