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The collaboration brought by people from different walks of life is a great support and aid to the Little Sisters of the Poor. The volunteers increase day by day; their presence and help are immensely appreciated. They share their precious time by rendering many little services possible in the home. There are so many things to be done: serving at meal times, giving a helping hand, taking a Resident for a stroll in the garden, entertaining them and interacting with them, taking them for an appointment and so on and so forth.

As Little Sisters of the Poor we follow the advice of Saint Jeanne Jugan, "Making the elderly happy - that is everything!" Volunteers play an essential role in achieving this goal, providing our Residents with the extra attention that makes all the difference in their lives.

Volunteers also provide invaluable support in many areas of our homes, both in direct contact with the elderly and through indirect services in various departments.

Although they render much service, our volunteers are unanimous through their contact with the elderly they receive much more than they give. Everyday they experience the truth of Jesus words, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35).

Through their service our volunteers also help to further Saint Jeanne Jugans vision of hospitality as a humble, charitable service uniting in one family the Little Sisters, the elderly and lay collaborators who wish to serve Jesus Christ in the person of their needy brothers and sisters.

Mrs. Grace Gabriel who volunteers in Bangalore St Joseph for the past 32 years shares her experience.

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