Consultations & Check-up

With ageing process our elderly Residents need to have regular consultations & check-ups. The Little Sister Nurse who is in charge of the medical unit foresees appointments, and consultations. We have doctors who come regularly for this purpose; they are also available in case of emergency. A pharmacy is furnished with medicines & medical accessories. The sick Residents who are confined to bed are treated with special attention and care.

Physiotherapy Unit

It is equipped with the necessary equipment, indispensable to alleviate the physical sufferings of our Residents. We have a physiotherapist who comes regularly to give treatment to the elderly. Often, it is thanks to the kindness of our benefactors we are able to obtain these gadgets for the welfare of our Residents.

Dental Care Unit

Some of our Homes in India own a dental care unit. The dentists come to our Home and offer their free service to our elderly as and when it is necessary. It is a blessing to have this unit for the benefit of invalid Residents who cannot displace themselves easily.