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Celebrating 25 Years of Service: A Tribute to Puttaiah & Jayamary for Their Dedication to the Elderly at Mysore Home

On April 8, 2024 the Little Sisters and the Residents of Mysore Home had the joy of celebrating the Silver Jubilee of two of their Employees, Mrs. Jaya Mary, who completed 25 years of selfless service in the Kitchen and Mr. Puttaiah who spent 25 Silver years of dedication at the service of Sick Men Residents.

On this day of the Feast of Annunciation, they had a solemn Mass at 7. 00 am, animated by the Kannada Parish choir comprised of numerous musicians with variety of Musical instruments. The Employees and their families joined the choir for singing.

At 10.30 am, they entered the Multipurpose hall accompanied by their families, with the rhythm of melodious music. They were invited to take their honorable places on the stage. They were felicitated with garlands, Bouquets, Festive shawls, Mysore Petta (a special Hat, imitating that is worn by the King of Mysore) and gifts. The Residents and the Employees performed lovely dances. The Novices of St. Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart, who were with them for their experience, performed multiple North Indian Dances and cheered the hearts of all. After the vote of thanks by Mother Provincial, Mrs. Jaya Mary shared her experiences in the Home saying that she came to the Home 25 years ago, as a young widow, having lost her husband recently with two small children, hungry, lacking clothes and all basic needs, with full of sorrows... But today, after 25 years, the Lord has blessed her with everything in abundance…she said “it is only because of the services I rendered to the Residents and to the Home, I received torrents of graces and blessing. " Everyone in the Hall shed tears of sorrow and joy with her. Though Mr. Puttaiah did not share his story in public, his life experiences resembled that of Mrs. Jaya Mary.

God bless both of them for their dedicated service to the elderly poor during the last 25 years which they still desire to continue.


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