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Recent Events at Mysore!

Send Off to Jacintha, a Faithful Employee!

Our faithful employee, Jacintha who has been working in the laundry for the past 33 years, spent her last day with us before her retirement. To show our appreciation for her many years of service, we arranged an entertainment program in her honour on 31st March 2022. Our infirm Residents who were beautifully dressed with lovely sarees and flowers on their hair entertained. They stole the hearts of the audience with their songs and dances. A few members of Jacintha’s family were there. They were deeply touched by the joyful and enthusiastic program given in Jacintha's honour. May God reward Jacintha for her long years of faithful service to the Home.

A Pilgrimage to DORNAHALLI

A pilgrimage was made to the beautiful shrine of St Anthony at Dornahalli. On our return we stopped at Heritage Hotel which is owned by one of our benefactors and a good friend of our Home, Mr. Gracian. He had invited us to stop at his hotel for lunch. All enjoyed the delicious meal served by him. The Residents were very impressed by the respectful welcome they received from him and his wife. May God bless him and all our good benefactors for their kindness to the Home.

Visit of St Joseph's School Students

The Students of St. Joseph’s School of Jayalakshmipuram came to visit the Home on June 29th, 2022. The visit brought lot of joy as the students encountered the Residents and performed variety of dances and songs. The sweets were distributed in expression of their love for the elderly. May God bless them!

Picnic in Front Yard

On May 30th, 2022, Month of May was closed with a Rosary Procession within the Home ending at the Grotto in front of the Home, confiding the care and protection of the Home to our Blessed Mother; praying for world peace and the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. The Residents were then invited to an “Out-door Supper” in the front garden where tables had been set up. Mr. Prabhakaran sent his hotel- employees with their gas stove and other cooking utensils to prepare fresh hot dosais according to each Resident's wish. It was a very family-style event and made the elderly very happy.


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