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Jubilee celebrations on Grandparents Day! Chennai - 25th and 26th July 2021!

On 25th July 2021, in Chennai, we had a grand celebration keeping in mind the theme proposed by Our Holy Father, that we are called to console and make the elderly happy. So, we made the day very meaningful by offering the Eucharist of that day for their intentions. In the evening, each Little Sister went to the stall assigned to her to set up and arrange the homemade sweets. We gave the Residents a surprise by riding them in a vehicle around the house. When they came to the stalls, they began their shopping. This was done according to the wishes of the residents which made them very happy.

Golden Jubilarians - Damodharan and Kanniamma

The Reflection of the couple after the celebration.

"We never expected this grand celebration for our 50th wedding day, since we do not have children. We thought that it would pass away like any other day. When Mother came and proposed to have a celebration, we thought to ourselves it would be a simple one, since the pandemics continues. But we never imagined that it would so grand. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy which could not be expressed in words."

On July 26th was the Grandparents Day for us. We profited of this occasion to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of a couple (Mr.Damodharan and Mrs. Kanniamma) the Diamond jubilee of a couple, (Mr. Ananda Rao and Mrs. Padmavathy) and 25 years of presence in our home of Miss Dorais David. We gathered in front of the chapel for the celebration. Since we were not able to invite outsiders to give a program for this feast day due to covid restrictions, our employees came forward to animate the event. The day was so beautiful, we could not but think of Our mother Saint Jeanne Jugan saying ‘To make our elderly happy is all that counts.’

On 23rd July we received a phone call from Mr. Magesh wanting to give some snacks for the residents for his grandma's birthday. He willingly sponsored in honour of his grandmother snack boxes for the Residents and 3 lovely cakes for the occasion. The snacks were appreciated by everyone. May God bless him.

25 years of presence in the Home of Miss. Dorais David


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