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FUN-FAIR at Bangalore St Joseph on 8th October 2023 after 4 years of gap due to Covid!

The Fun Fair took place on 8th October 2023 after four years of gap due to covid restrictions. For four months the committee members and Sisters were gathering every Sunday to make the arrangements for the event. Mr. Pramod Naidu came forward to print the posters which were largely distributed and published. On 7th October, the day before all the shamianas were put up in the front garden and each stall had its poster fixed in front. The Sunday Eucharist was celebrated by Father Vishal Fernandes SJ, the Administrator of St Joseph’s Boys School at 6.30 pm for the important stall holders so that they could be free to get the arrangements done. At 9.30 am on 8th prayers were offered by Father Sunil Fernandes SJ, assisted by Father Vishal Fernandes SJ and the ribbon was cut by the Head Mistress, Katrina Hastings of Frank Antony School. The white dove was released as a sign of peace and the event commenced. Both Fathers went around blessing all the stalls. St Don Bosco’s orphanage boys accompanied by Father Prasad SDB, performed in a band at the entrance to begin the day. The crowd began pouring in. People gathered around all stalls, children and adults playing the games, young girls dancing with sound of music, buying, and eating, it was lovely to behold. By 1 pm nearly all the food stalls such as biriyani, Chinese noodles, Mexican dish, Burgers & Katty rolls, all were getting emptied. People also rushed in for lucky dips, handicraft section, plants, cool drinks etc.

The Good Lord had given us a favorable weather. Everything was cleared out by 5 pm. At 9 pm a heavy rain crowned the day. We thank God for all good friends and benefactors who dedicated the whole day for this purpose. May God bless them so also all those who visited and made this event a successful one.


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