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Eye Camp - Ecology at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Tuticorin!

On November 8th, 2023, Dr. Gomathi Nayagam, an eye specialist came with his medical team from Aravinth Hospital to do free eye camp for the residents. They did the screening for cataract. Seventy of our residents profited this camp. Six of them were taken for cataract surgery. After the camp, the doctor who came for the camp was taken up by our work to uplift the poor elderly and gave a donation before he left. May God bless their efforts to help the poor elderly.



On ecology day for the month of November 2023, we, the Little sisters together with residents and employees were happy to plant 37 coconut trees behind our Home, near the cemetery in our premises. We were reminded of the inspiration of Pope Francis “care for our common home."


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