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Stats Perform CSR Activity at the Little Sisters of the Poor, Bangalore St Joseph - 18th Sept 2023!

A couple of weeks ago, the Director Ms. Shirley Ranjini and the Manager Mr. Shiva of Stats Perform company, Bangalore visited our Home and the elderly Residents. As they left, they expressed their desire to do the CSR Activity in our Home. We told them our need to have diapers for the old people so also under linens for men and women Residents. They were planning to do this CSR activity during the month of October. Then, when they came to know their Chief Executive Officers were visiting Bangalore during this month, they combined the CSR activity with their visit.

Stats Perform Team with

Little Sisters of the Poor, Bangalore

On September 18th, 2023 the CEO CarlE. Mergele and COO Mike Perez came along with a team of employees of Stats Perform to visit and interact with our elderly Residents. They received a warm welcome from the residents who were assembled in the big dining room. Mrs. Violet Jackson who is 102 years old sang with her beautiful voice, “You are my sunshine” which made them all happy. A few others came forward to sing. Then the staff distributed cake & snacks for the Residents. They promised to continue to help us. They left the Home so delighted with their visit to the elderly Residents. May God bless their generosity towards the elderly poor who are under our care.


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