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"Recognizing the Contributions of Workers: A Look at the Tuticorin Celebration"


"We, the Little Sisters of the Poor of Tuticorin celebrated our workers day on 2nd May. We had invited their family members to join our employees for lunch. All of them enjoyed a sumptuous lunch prepared by the kitchen staff. The Eucharist at 3.30 pm was offered for their intentions and for their families. After Mass, at 4 pm we conducted few games for them where everyone participated - Bombing the city, musical chair and breaking the pot with blindfolded eyes etc.

Their children who came to enjoy the program encouraged them with their loud applause. The winners received prizes and all other workers received consolation prizes. Mother Rose Augustine thanked each one for their presence and their support to run the home smoothly. Everyone enjoyed thoroughly the time they spent together. Blessed be God! Thank you my God!


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