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Pongal celebrations in the Homes of the Little Sisters of the Poor in India!


On 15th January 2014 the Little Sisters and the elderly Residents celebrated Pongal in their Home  at The employees made a beautiful rangoli decoration in front of the house near portico and a new mud pot for sweet pongal with all the ingredients was kept ready. Mother Rose Augustine Emmanuel blessed the fire.  All the residents were seated around that.  Little sisters, Residents, and workers danced around the pot  while music was played. When the sweet pongal was ready the chaplain of the Home Rev. Father JeyaJothi  blessed it and it was served to all the residents. Everyone enjoyed this harvest festival.


Pongal Celebrations! All the Residents were assembled in front of St Joseph in the garden. The mud pots and the sugarcane were fixed with beautiful Rangoli around. As the Pongal was being cooked the elderly, the employees and volunteers went around dancing to the rhythm of the music. Once the Pongal was cooked it was distributed to all those present. It was a lovely moment spent together which the elderly Residents enjoyed.


On 9th January 2024, the Sun TV team wished to celebrate the Pongal with the elderly Residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Chennai. They came and decorated the dining hall with banana trees lights and flowers, They also decorated a mud pot symbolizing the Pongal festival. At 10.30 am all the actresses of drama serials entertained the residents with the magic show. Some of the residents were very happy that the  serial actresses gave them a surprise, which they never  expected.   Popcorn machine was brought and hot hot popcorn was served to all. They sponsored the meal of that day and they helped to serve the residents at table. They were very happy to celebrate the Pongal in our home as it was their first experience with elderly poor. It was a lovely moment spent together.

On 15th January 2024, the Littles Sisters of the Poor at Chennai celebrated the Pongal festival with the elderly Residents of their Home.


The Festival of Pongal is one of the biggest feasts in south India especially for farmers. It is a harvest Feast celebrated by all in order to show gratitude to God for the plentiful, throughout the year. The Little Sisters of the Poor celebrated it with their Residents on January 15, 2024. They gave a colorful decor at the Portico for this happy day of thanksgiving with beautiful rangoli and tied the sugar cane branches too. The Lord gave them a pleasant weather which enabled them to cook the Pongal in front of the Home. The fire place was all set ready with the colored pot and at dawn the fire was lit and milk was boiled. Few of our Elderly were there to raise the echoes of “Pongalo Pongal” when the milk was overflowing. After Mass Fr. Pancras Joseph, the Chaplin of the Home blessed the Pongal which was tastefully prepared. The delicious sweet Pongal was served to all for breakfast. With deep gratitude they thanked God, the Lord of the Harvest and implored him to bless all the farmers for their hard work.


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