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Unexpected treat as VIP guests at Smoor Cafe - Elderly Residents of Bangalore St. Joseph!

Having come to know about us and our elderly Residents, through one of our friends Ms. Sheethal Jain, the marketing Manager of SMOOR CAFE, at Sadashivanagar, Bangalore invited our Residents with the consent of the Management of SMOOR to have a treat and lunch in SMOOR CAFE. Some of our Residents accepted the invitation and visited the place in two Batches accompanied by a few Little Sisters - 1st batch on 18th and 2nd batch on 20th September 2023.

Admiring the pastries
Doctor Sanjay with the group

Seeing our Residents on the first day, that is on 18th, one of the customers of SMOOR, Doctor Sanjay met the Little Sisters and the Residents. He said that he too wanted to do something for us and bought 3 hamper baskets and handed them over to the Little Sisters.

Residents & Sisters with Smoor Cafe Staff

SMOOR is a largest chocolate chain in India. A luxury chocolate brand. Its great ambience had taken our Residents by surprise. A Cafe which is frequented by the upper class who can afford such luxury, It brought tears in the eyes of our elderly residents when they were welcomed and treated as VIP guests. Their hearts were filled with gratitude towards the kind hearted and generous person who offered such a treat for them to enjoy, for his hospitality, love and generosity They really enjoyed themselves with the delicious food, desserts and beverages; above all the attentive, caring and dedicated service bestowed on them.

We extend our gratitude, love and prayers to the Management and the Team involved in making these days a memorable one for those who visited. We pray that God bless them all and their families with good health, peace and prosperity.


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