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An enjoyable Residents Day at Tuticorin! 26th July 2022!

On 26th July 2022, the Residents Day was scheduled. with various activities. During the breakfast the Little Sisters went around to the different dining rooms to offer their wishes. At noon a banquet hall was prepared on the main corridor and their favourite meal was served on banana leaf which gave them great joy.

At 4 pm the Residents gathered in the front courtyard as the campus was transformed into a big shopping mall. Mrs. Rathi Devi, the District Social Welfare Officer and Mrs. Vijayamala Lakshmanan cut the ribbon and opened the stalls. The Residents went round with a shopping bag made for this special occasion. All were in a hurry to get their coupons and the most interesting stall was one with the sarees, which was very artistically displayed and the ladies had difficulty to choose one, as all of them were very attractive. The relaxing time extended as hot dosa was made and served according to their wish. There were dark clouds and small drizzles but the Lord granted a favourable time for the Elderly. The Residents enjoyed the day thoroughly and were very grateful for all that they had received. We could say with our Mother St. Jeanne Jugan, “Making the Elderly happy is all that counts.”


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