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Veneration of the Relic of St John Paul II at Bangalore St Joseph on October 1st 2023!

“Dear young people, like the first disciples, follow Jesus Christ! Do not be afraid to draw near to him, to cross the threshold of his dwelling, to speak with him, face to face as you talk with a friend (cf. Ex. 33:11). Do not be afraid of the “new life” he is offering.” says Pope St. John Paul II.

Fragment of Pope John Paul II’s Holy Cross brought for Veneration at various Churches/Institutions in and around Karnataka- And the arrangements were made by the members of Jesus Youth. This morning (October 1st 2023) we, the Little Sisters of the Poor of Bangalore had the privilege of welcoming the relic at 11 am. The relic was taken in procession to the chapel. It was placed in front of the altar of the sanctuary. Prayers, rosaries, hymns followed. People from the neighborhood flocked for the veneration. The Residents and the Little Sisters went in procession to venerate the relic which a deacon was holding in his hand. The relic left our premises around 1 pm. We are grateful to have received the relic into our chapel. May Saint John Paul II help each one of us to lead a holy life pleasing to God as he led.

Saint John Paul II pray for us!


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