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Two days of Celebration at Coonoor! World Grandparents and the Elders Day!

We, the Little Sisters of the Poor at Coonoor had two days celebration for the first Grandparents day. On the first day, 25th July 2021 we had a solemn Eucharistic celebration in the morning .The Associates Jeanne jugan made the celebration very lively with their melodious singing. The The kitchen staff prepared a lovely breakfast which the elderly enjoyed.

At 10 a.m. came the exiting moment and all were waiting to inaugurate new shopping Mall which was set up by Associates Jeanne Jugan. The oldest Resident in the home cut the ribbon. As they entered the Mall each one received a shopping bag and a token. There were variety of soaps, clothes, toiletries and homemade snacks. It was very remarkable that even the invalid ones found new strength to do the shopping, forgetting all their aches and pains. Their hearts were filled with joy, that some of the Residents entered the chapel with their bag. One could hear them saying loudly, "Thank you Jesus." Being Sunday our Residents preferred to have the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Rosary in the afternoon. We also had invited 12 elderly & poor people from our neighbourhood on that day. They also enjoyed the shopping and all had a sumptuous lunch.

On the second day we had solemn Eucharistic celebration for the Residents of our home. Fr. Edward, our Chaplin wished our Residents saying, "All of you are very lucky to be in this home. So be happy and thank the Lord for all the love and care you receive." In the after noon men and ladies were very happy to be on the stage for the ‘JERUSALAMA’ dance. The children of our Employees performed dances to make them happy It was followed by a quiz programme on Bible prepared by Mr. Wilson one of associates Jeanne Jugan. All who participated received gifts and others consolation gifts. It was a lovely time spent together.

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