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The Associates Jeanne Jugan of the Little Sisters of the Poor renew their Promises in 2021.


The devoted Associates of Little Sisters of the Poor in Tuticorin!

The Six Associates Jeanne Jugan who are very devoted and render their selfless services to the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Elderly Poor. They renewed their promises on September 8, 2021, as they usually do every year. Their services are greatly appreciated by the Little Sisters and the aged Residents.


Seven Associates Jeanne Jugan renew their promises.
Seven new Associates Jeanne Jugan in Formation

On October 26, 2021 the seven Associates of Jeanne Jugan of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Bangalore Perpetual Succor renewed their annual promises. There are seven others who are preparing themselves to make their promise next year. They are in formation now. May God bless them for their services to the elderly and to the Home.


Seven Associates Jeanne Jugan of our Home Bangalore Saint Joseph made their promises on October 23, 2021. The pandemic prevented them to render their valuable services to the Elderly Poor. They are delighted to make their promises once again in order to bring joy and happiness to the aged by their loving services to them.

This Associate Jeanne Jugan was not able to be present on October 23, 2021. She made her promise on 31st October 2021.

She is with the Little Sister Formator of the Associates Jeanne Jugan.


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