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Thanksgiving for the dedicated lives of our Little Sisters at the service of the Elderly Poor!

TUTICORIN - 5th Octoer 2020 - Golden Jubilee

Fifty years of service to the Elderly Poor in the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor is not a joke. Sr. Vincent Mary gave herself generously serving the elderly of different Homes in India. The elderly are offering their wishes to her as well as Fr Jerosin Kattar who participated in the event.

Sister Vincent Mary


Sister Florence Sadhana

Silver Jubilee 6th May 2020


Sister Elizabeth Cecilia

Golden Jubilee

11th September 2021


Sr Helena Immaculate

Silver Jubilee

18th September 2021

These Little Sisters of the Poor dedicated themselves generously at the service of the elderly poor of India and abroad during the past 25 and 50 years of their religious lives. May God bless them abundantly and keep them always in His loving care and powerful protection. We also ask God to bless their families who allowed them to follow God's call and supported them during these many years. May many young people follow their examples and come forward to serve God and his people in the path of evangelical life.


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