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Surprising gifts for the elderly Residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor at Mumbai!

Mrs. Hema Kathu who used to visit our home when she was a young girl, is now working as a senior Manager at Canara Bank in Mumbai. When she came to know that the General Manager, Mr. Mahesh M. Pai had a plan to extend his help to an NGO, she remembered our Home, visited us to inquire of our requirements. As we are in need of Cupboards and Chairs for the New Home we proposed to her this project of ours. Usually, projects like these take quite some time. But to our amazement we received a call from them to say that they had placed an order for Six Big cupboards, Fourteen Single cupboards for individual use, fifteen Chairs and a washing Machine, which would be arriving shortly. As was told, everything was delivered in no time and a few days later a Team from Canara Bank along with General Manager Mr. Mahesh Pai visited us to hand over the things. We were flabbergasted to know that they also had another surprise for us, that of a Smart TV and Christmas gifts for each elderly Resident of our Home – A bag containing of Cold cream, Zindu Balm, toothpaste, Brush, Soap, Comb and a face Towel. Words failed to express our sincere thanks to them for their thoughtful and great Charity. We implore the Lord to bless them abundantly for their kindness to the elderly Poor.


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