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Festival of Raksha Bandhan at Sawantwadi

On August 11th 2022, the festival of Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in India. Rakhi is an ancient Hindu festival. The festival of Rakhi celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. The festival is very famous with several cultures in the country as the concept of duty and love between siblings is universal. On the morning of the festival day, brothers and sisters shall gather together with their families. Sisters tie rakhis (threads) as a symbol of protection. Rakhis are also used to celebrate other relationships between neighbors and friends.

On that day, little Shreya from next door came to tie Rakhis for our two elderly ladies of the Home. They in turn tied a Rakhi on her hand as a symbol of friendship.

The feast of our Saint Jeanne Jugan at Sawantwadi!

The feast of our Mother Foundress Saint Jeanne Jugan was celebrated on August 30th 2022 surrounded by friends in our new foundation of Sawantwadi. It was very simple and homely. Our two elderly ladies were the center of attraction. God bless this little foundation and make it grow more and more for the glory of God and for the benefit of many poor elderly people.


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