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Remembering Perasiriyar Anbalagan's 100th Birthday at Coonoor, Nilgris!

On December 29, 2021, Nilgiris Lok Sabha MP Mr. A. Raja, Forest Minister Mr. K. Ramachandran and Coonoor District Secretary Mr. B. M. Mubarak visited the Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor on the occasion of 100th Birthday of late PERASIRIYAR ANBALAGAN, General secretory of DMK, to distribute soft blankets for the elderly Residents. They also distributed bread and bananas to them. Our Residents gave flower bouquets and honored them with shawls. Two of our Residents performed Badaga dance and entertained them. Mr. Ramaswamy MLA sponsored a meal on January 9th, 2022 by paying Rs. 15,000/- We are grateful for their thoughtfulness towards our elderly people on this special occasion.


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