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Recent Events in Bangalore Saint Joseph!

Collection in Carmel Schools & Carmel PU College

The Little Sister in charge of the collection went to the three Carmel schools - Carmel Pre- Primary School, Carmel Upper Primary School, Carmel Convent High School - and Carmel PU college requested them items which would be useful for the forthcoming Mini-Fete fixed for October 8th 2023.

On August 2nd, 2023 three Little Sisters along with three Residents went to collect the items brought by the students. All of them contributed so generously thanks to the encouragement of the principals and staff. All the items which were mentioned in the list which was given by Sister were brought by the students.

One of the 7th Grade students whose name is SOYA spent all her pocket money to buy provision and diapers for the elderly. It was very touching. All the students took to their heart the appeal made by the Little Sister. May God bless them and their parents who teach their children to share with the less fortunate.

We are grateful to the Principals who encouraged the students to help us. May God bless them abundantly!

Mitra Academy students visit to the Little Sisters of the Poor!

On 4th Augsut 2023, the 9th Grade students of Mitra Academy, 110 of them visited our Home for the Aged at Hosur Road, next to Baldwin's Boys High School, accompanied by four staff. The orientation was given to them in the multi-purpose hall. They had the joy of meeting Mrs. Violet Jackson who is 102 years old. She sang beautifully for them. The Students in turn sang for her. Then the students were taken around to visit the different units of the Home.They were very much impressed by the cleanliness and the smile on the faces of our Residents. One little girl shared after the visit saying: “I thought that the old people in old age homes are very sad and gloomy. But it is the opposite over here. They are more active than us.” At 11. 45 am a few students performed a beautiful dance for the Residents. Then two groups of students sang for them. They left the premises with great impact and with the desire of taking care of their own parents, when their turn comes. We wish the students every success in their studies and in their future career.

Students with Mrs. Violet Jackson who is 103 years old!


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