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Recent Events at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mysore

Pilgrimage to Dornahalli

On June 18th, as numerous Pilgrims from different parts of Mysore continued to flock to the Shrine of St. Anthony in Dornahalli, our residents had the opportunity to also pay a visit to this sacred place. The residents, accompanied by a few Little Sisters and some Associates of Jeanne Jugan, departed from our Home early in the morning on a bus for the one-hour journey to the Basilica. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Fr. N.T. Joseph, who took the time to converse with the residents. They explored the Shrine and its surroundings, and later took part in the Holy Eucharist, joining the many other pilgrims in entrusting their intentions to the powerful intercessions of St. Anthony. It was also a moment to express gratitude to St. Anthony for his protection and for the numerous blessings they have received through his prayers.


Following the Holy Eucharist, Father N.T. Joseph greeted them at the Presbytery, where he had arranged a delightful lunch served to them with utmost respect. They left feeling content after their pilgrimage and day trip, grateful for the opportunity to express their thanks to St. Anthony for his assistance!

Birthday Party of the Residents (May - June '24)

On June 22nd, we were delighted to celebrate a "Happy Birthday" with our beloved residents, expressing gratitude for their presence in the home and all the assistance they provide. The addition of our new Chaplain, Father Arul Selva Kumar, enhanced the festivities by personally presenting them with birthday gifts. Furthermore, the presence of our Associate Jeanne Jugan, accompanied by his guitar, contributed to the joyful atmosphere. Mr. Wilson, a member of AJJ, entertained the birthday celebrants with his songs and music.







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