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Recent events at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Coonoor!

"A Farewell to Two Icons: Reflecting on the Retirement of Shanthi Rangasamy & Vijaya at Little Sisters of the Poor in Coonoor"

Two of our employees at our Home in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu - Shanthi Rangasamy & Mrs. Vijaya.

Shanthi Rangasamy joined the work in 2005. Worked for 19 years in the Home.

Vijaya joined joined the work in 1999 and worked exactly for 25 years in men’s section. They had the retirement ceremony on March 23rd 2024. They were garlanded, appreciated for their service to the elderly.


Installation of Solar System in our Home in Coonoor.

Personiv company from Coimbatore has a project to help people by installing solar system to produce electricity in order to reduce their electricity bills. It was initiated by Dr Frederick John, CEO of the personiv company who was an old student of St Antony's Hr.sec school, Coonoor. They have enhanced our solar system from 5KW to 20KW. It was inaugurated during the month of February 2024 by the people of personiv company, Coimbatore. We are deeply grateful to Personiv company and to Dr. Frederick John who took the initiative to do this project. It is very useful for the residents of the Home for the aged, Coonoor.


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