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Making the Promise: Celebrating the Commitment of Associates Jeanne Jugan in India


The Little Sisters of the Poor at Chennai had a thanksgiving mass for the Associates Jeanne Jugan on May 1st 2024 during which they made their promises at our Home in Chennai. This year three new members joined them. The Little Sisters were happy to welcome them to share in the mission of Saint Jeanne Jugan . At the end of the Eucharistic celebration each of the three new members received a badge and a new  formation book . May God bless them  and their families for their dedication and love for the elderly.   

Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker - May 1st

Three New Associates receive their badges


Three of Associates Jeanne Jugan made their promises this morning during the Eucharistic celebration. It was presided by Father Joseph Prasanna Kumar Thumma ofm. After Mass the Associates served breakfast for the Residents.



Nine Associates Jeanne Jugan made their promise on May 1st 2024. Among them, there was a new member whose name is Mr. Anto Samuel. The Associates come regularly and render services to the elderly.

Mr. Anto Samuel, a new associate, made his promise this year!

Associates at the service of the elderly residents

Helping at Picnic & Mini Fete!

Conducting the choir!


On May 1st 2024, seven Associates Jeanne Jugan renewed their promises during the Eucharistic celebration presided by Bishop Emeritus Rev. Thomas Anthony Vazhalapilly, concelebrated by Father Joseph Rodrigues, Resident Chaplain of the Home.


The Associates Jeanne Jugan in Secunderabad had a day of recollection on April 28th, 2024 in preparation for the renewal of their promised . On May 1st, 2024 three associates renewed their promises.


On May 1st, 2024, the feast of St Joseph the worker, The Associates Jeanne Jugan of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Tuticorin, six of them renewed their promises during the solemn mass.

After the mass they were felicitated in the residents dining rooms. After Residents' breakfast the Little Sisters joined them for breakfast with them in the multipurpose hall. May God inspire many more people to follow in the footsteps of Saint Jeanne Jugan and support our service to the elderly poor as Associates Jeanne Jugan for the greater glory of God.


Mrs. Joyse Brighten, the new Associate Jeanne Jugan in Tuticorin

One of the Associates Jeanne Jugan, Mrs. Joyse Brighten, made her promise for the first time this year. She is very enthusiastic and generous in her commitment. She comes every day and helps in the ladies and men infirmaries. Joyse does all the humble works without any hesitation; spends time with the infirm residents; prays with them and shares the bible stories with the Residents.

"I am grateful to God for leading me to the Little Sisters of the Poor in Tuticorin. Since September 1st, 2023, I have been attending this sacred place. With my husband's consent, I expressed my desire to Fr. Victor Lobo, who graciously guided me on this spiritual journey. I firmly believe that God has directed me to this community through Father Lobo's guidance, and I am filled with joy to serve the elderly here.

The sisters of this convent have deeply touched my heart. I am astonished by the depth of their love and kindness towards the elders under their care. I aspire to bring many elderly souls closer to God through the teachings of the Gospel. Moreover, I am determined to follow in the footsteps of St. Jeanne Jugan by dedicating my life to serving the elderly poor. " (Joyse Brighten's own words)


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