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July 25th, 2021 - Great day for the old folks at Secunderabad! Little Sisters of the Poor!

1st World Grandparents and Elders’ day

We, the Little Sisters of the Poor at Guntur had invited Fr. Innaiah to celebrate the Eucharist, a Festive Mass, offered for the intentions of our Residents. After Mass the community went and wished each of them. At the entrance of the dining hall the photos of our Residents were displayed and tastefully decorated and it brought much joy to them. All enjoyed well prepared breakfast and sumptuous lunch. At 5 p.m. they were invited to a “Shopping Mall” with 10 useful items. The Residents were very excited and happy to go round and pick up their items. This was followed by a surprise supper. By the end of the day although the sisters were tired with all the preparations they were pleased to have brought this great joy to our Residents and we thanked God for this opportunity of making the Elderly happy.


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