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Goa - New Foundation celebrates Grandparents Day!

The 25th of July being the World Day of Grand-Parents we wanted to make it memorable for our four Residents, so we had a small community council to put things together. So, on the 24th we invited a Dominican Priest who administered the Sacrament of Reconciliation to the 4 elderly Residents, which was followed by the Eucharistic celebration with Sunday Liturgy. Our Residents were happy as they would not have the Mass the following day.

The menu was fitting for a feast day and with charity flowing from each other we succeeded in making our Residents contented. In fact, in this foundation Home, they are satisfied with all that they receive. The evening supper too was provided by ` Clive`s Restaurant’; delicious chicken chow mien a Chinese dish , enjoyed by all.

At 4 p.m. we had some games with the Residents and they were enthusiastic more than the Athletes at the Olympic. All of them won prizes and the children of the family who stay with us joined us which enhanced our joy. The Gold and the Silver Medals were also awarded to the best players. The day ended with a short video show.


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