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Feast of St. Jeanne Jugan (Foundress) celebrated in different Homes in India!


Cathedral Musical Orchestra Group visits our Home at Mysore on 30th August 2023 - Feast of Saint Jeanne Jugan

St. Joseph’s Cathedral Musical Orchestra Group from Mysore headed by Ms Jennifer came to entertain our dear Residents on the occasion of the Feast day of our Mother Foundress St. Jeanne Jugan, on 30th August 2023. They sang many old songs which were very familiar to our dear Residents. At the end of their melodious singing, they danced with the Residents which brought a great joy to them. The team did not forget to serve the Residents with delicious snacks, thus marking this wonderful day a memorable one. We are sincerely grateful to Ms. Jennifer and her team. Together with our Mother Foundress we say: “ Blessed be God, Thank you, my God.”



The Residents of the little foundation in Carmona, Goa had a fancy dress competition on 30th August 2023 on the feast of Saint Jeanne Jugan. It is lovely to see the Little Sisters helping them to perform the role they had chosen for the competition.

One as Saint Jeanne Jugan, the others as Gandhiji,


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