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Christmas celebrations animated by Mark & Martine Team at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Bangalore St Joseph!

On December 4th afternoon all of us, the Residents and Little Sisters were gathered in the multi-purpose hall to welcome, Mark, Martine, and their team. They represent the Family Services. The program began around 4 pm with the representation of Nativity scene by our Residents. Then Martine joined the Residents to dance for some time. The program continued with a magic show sponsored by Mr. Mark’s family. The show captivated every one’s attention. Some of the Residents were invited to participate in it. All present enjoyed the show thoroughly. While the show was on the refreshment were served to all. Then began the distribution of gifts to Residents. Each gift was so thoughtfully prepared with great love for our Residents. The Residents were visibly happy to receive their gifts and they expressed their gratitude to Mark. May God bless the team who do this every year to make our elderly happy and contented during Christmas season.

Nativity Scene displayed by Residents


Distribution of Gifts

Mark & Martine's Team at Chennai

Christmas with Mark & Martine in Mysore


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