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Christmas Celebration integrated with Birthday party of the Residents at Bangalore St Joseph, animated by the employees of the Home!

On December 4th 2023 our Home Christmas party took place. Profiting of this occasion we had the birthday party of the Residents who had their birthdays during this month. They had the place of honor and were felicitated. They cut the cake and the gifts were distributed to them. Regina, one of our employees performed a prayer dance. Soon after that Fr Arun Luis sj gave a Christmas message to us. This year it was our employees who entertained our Residents. A Christmas scene was displayed by employees. Then a group of employees entered the stage and performed a beautiful dance.

Birthday celebrations

There were 8 Residents who had their birthdays during December. All of them were seated in front of the stage.

Cutting Birthday Cake

Father Arun Luis SJ gives the Christmas message.

Program by Employees


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