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Birthday Party of Residents celebrated with Mr. Mark Ramesh at Secunderabad!

Mr. Mark Ramesh, a good friend of the Home join the Residents to celebrate his birthday too which falls in September.

On 17th September is a day most to be cherished as we had the Birthday Party of our Residents and at the same time, we celebrated the Birthday of Mr. Mark Ramesh which was on 13th. Our Residents were in their best attire to bring out their talents of singing and dancing, a couple who were present for the Birthday Party were touched by the ambiance seeing the Elderly so cheerful and happy. And Mrs. Martina, Mr. Mark's wife exclaimed, saying, “I longed for this day.” Mr. Mark’s family was so happy to be a part of our big family, and said he wouldn’t have found a better place than here to celebrate his Birthday.


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