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Birthday Party of Residents at Jabalpur sponsored by Mr. Pawan Pillai!

Mr. Pawan Pillai came to the Little Sisters of the Poor at Jabalpur to celebrate his birthday with our Residents. It was his maiden visit to the Home. During his first visit he was deeply touched by our service to the elderly poor. While talking to one of the Sisters who just asked him if he could sponsor Residents birthday party for the following month. He was indeed, very happy to take up this to make the Residents happy.

On August 25th 2023 Mr. Pawan Pillai came before time with his two Cousins who are also working in the same company. They had taken leave to celebrate our Residents Birthday. They brought with them birthday gifts, cakes and snacks. At 4 pm everyone was gathered in the dining hall. The Birthday Residents came forward and cut the lovely cake while everyone sang the birthday song which cheered our Residents. They distributed a beautiful bag with gifts to the residents who were celebrating their birthdays, after which they served the snacks to everyone. God bless Mr. Pawan Pillai and his cousins for spending time with the elderly and making them happy.


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