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75th Independence Day celebration at our Home in Kolkata!

On the 17th August, our Honorable Councilor Susmita Battacharya and the Officer in charge of Shakespeare Sarani, Police Station were invited to the Home, to celebrate the 75th Independence Day of our country with our Elderly Residents. The Councilor arrived a little after 4.00 p.m. Our Associates welcomed her in the Traditional way of West Bengal with sandalwood paste applying on the forehead in the round shape ( tikka ) and Aarati with a lit lamp at the blowing of a shell. Then she was escorted by our Employees with the Traditional dance to the Multi-purpose Hall. Then Mother Ann Joachim welcomed and thanked the councilor for accepting the invitation and for all the help she gave us whenever we approached her.

The Residents in wheel chairs performed a Flower dance, which was very charming. Then different states came with their typical costumes to the stage dancing with the songs of that region. It was very well done and the Councilor took videos of it. Later in her speech she said that she is going to learn the different steps of the dances from them. By then two officers from Shakespeare Sarani Police Station arrived. After extending our welcome to them, the Leaders of our country came forward: Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Vivekananda Swami, and Subhas Chandra Bose. Then an Employee dressed in tricolor came with the Indian Flag while singing ‘Vande Materam’ Then two Employees danced a patriotic dance. The Councilor said a few words appreciating the Residents, Sisters and the Employees, and expressing how she enjoyed this wonderful evening. A Police Officer too said a few words, and expressed his admiration of the Residents’ performance. Eight of our Residents who have their Birthdays this month cut a Birthday cake and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ with all their voices. After taking a few photos with our invitees, snacks and fruit juice were distributed to the Residents, before they left the Hall. It was a wonderful evening, thanks to the collaboration of all. With our Mother St. Jeanne Jugan we say: “Blessed be God, Thank you my God.”


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