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Established in 1903


The Story of Secunderabad Home

“Sweet Secunderabd” as our Home is known, has welcomed the Aged Poor since 1903. Settling first in Malakpet, we Little Sisters were then, in 1905, gifted 6 ½ acres of land in Musheerabad by the Nizam of Hyderabad, who responded magnanimously to our appeal. And of course, our property was and is exclusively meant for the care of the Aged Poor irrespective of caste, class, religion or national origin. Our service to the Aged is offered for free. The support of the public has been unfailing all these many years, either in gifts of cash or kind, received at the reception of the Home, or out on our collecting rounds where the Little Sisters go daily to beg for alms.At present we have 73 Aged, both Ladies and Gents, with whom we strive to live as a family, after the example of our Foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan, who said , “MAKING THE ELDERLY HAPPY, THAT’S WHAT COUNTS.” Our Aged Residents, form friendships among themselves, are involved in the life of the Home, receive their families and visitors, love to be entertained, and enjoy proper medical care. Their dietary customs are respected. We Little Sisters are committed to serve the Aged until their death, showing respect for life, however frail and limited, until its natural end.The Metro Project in Hyderabad has obliged us to forgo some land and halt admissions for the time being. At present, we have 73 Aged, although our capacity is 120 persons, and we are 14 Little Sisters to care for them.

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