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RODAH MENORAH'S feedback after her experience with the elderly people during her internship at the Little Sisters of the Poor, Bangalore

The first day I came in and Sr. Josephine Pauline  took us around the Home for the Aged, I was really inspired by the vision and purpose.  The Home was protecting these old resident from their hurtful past and the quote that touched me the most was the one at the front desk said “ ADDING LIFE TO YEARS.’   

All my unaccomplished goals with my grandparents who had died when I was young, were waiting to be realized with stepping into this place.

Looking at Mr. Krishnamurthy – 92 years old resident – and his zeal for his passion of making dolls really made me emotional and reminded me of my grandpa.  We realized that our ideology of old age which was being relaxed and free all the time was shattered, because, day by day we saw the various responsibilities each and every resident had to accomplish, which gave them a sense of self sufficiency and belongingness.

A lot of meticulous work goes into taking care of the emotional and physical health of the residents.  Each and every individual has a story to tell.  They have such amazing personalities and they were once people who nurtured and protected their children and families . Their life truly showcases the true meaning of resilience and the true spirit of nt giving up on life and happiness.

Mr. Noel is a true gem. He is so knowledgeable and responsible in every task that he does. Getting to know him and spending time with him was a true blessing.

A big shootout to all the workers who tirelessly work to take care of these people with young hearts.  This experience  has taught me patience, communication skills, humility, respect and empathy.

Thankyou for this opportunity.



[ Even at this age each of them have such sense of responsivity towards the Nation, which was quite evident in their enthusiasm to vote ]



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