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RITHIKA JIJI shares her experience during her internship at the Little Sisters of the Poor, Bangalore.

As a part of our curriculum, we were supposed to do community service for 25 hours.  It was a really nice experience.  The way the residents are treated are really good.  I made me feel like a seeking a Big Family.  I am so glad that, I got an opportunity to service the grandparents here.  Whenever I am doing something, they will smile and say “ Thank You “, that made me feel so happy.  I felt like the time just flies while I am here.  The four hours will go so fast.

The sisters here made me so comfortable. Everyone here is working so hard and by just seeing them working.  I get an inspiration to work more and do something for them.  From this one month internship, I understood a lot of things. Like helping the needed makes us more human.  It made me happy while serving them. 




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