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REAHA SULTANA shares her experience with the elderly people during her internship at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Bangalore.


It was a privilege to spend time at the “ Little Sisters of the Poor – Home for the Aged “ as part of the community service interacting with the elderly residents was incredibly rewarding.  Assisting with minor tasks like serving meals or tidying up living area and helping in the kitchen allowed me to understand aspects of their daily life,  This small acts of my service would go a long way. 

During the activities, I tried my best to participate enthusiastically. Seeing the old peoples’ smile and laughter was heart warming.  At first, I was nervous about how I would connect with them, but their warm welcome helped me open up.  I felt great getting to know them as individuals was meaningful. 

I now understand better the needs of our senior citizens and want to continue giving back to them.  Serving here was truly rewarding.  I thank the sisters and staff for guiding me.  I would recommend other students also to participate in such community service.




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