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BHAVYA'S feedback after his internship at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Bangalore.

This social internship helped me to grow as a person in many ways.  Initially when I joined, I worked for the sake of completing my community service, but later as the days passed, I did all the work because I wanted to. I felt good by doing these things.  I did things which was possible from my end, like gardening, serving the elderly in dining hall, laundry, grooming elderly sick residents.

The most satisfying work to me was the service part, it gave me immense amount of peace when it came to serving food to the old people. Every day, no matter where I would be, I would make sure to complete that work and reach the dining space by 11.45am.

This internship has taught me to value my parents and my grandparents.  And I will make sure I change myself and become even a better person and love them more.

I will never forget the Little Sisters of the Poor, and from now I will surely visit here once in a while.


Bhavya karnani.

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