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ANOUSHKA ANN MENEZES shares her experience with the elderly people during her internship at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Bangalore.

Working for the elderly is very fulfilling.  Ever since I was young, my family has donated to  Little Sisters of the Poor, Kolkata., so the opportunity for more hands on work is a gift from God.  Coming every week and serving food for the residents puts my soul at peace. 

Sitting on Sundays with the residents and cutting vegetables with them has helped me form a unique bond with them.  They share their life stories, their favorite songs and movies, and tell us stories of what happens in the old aged home.  As someone rarely gets to visit her grandparents because they live in other states and countries, coming here every weekend has filled a hole in my heart. 

Another thing that’s fascinates me about The Little Sisters of the Poor is order and disciplined way everyone works here. I am inspired by the sense of comfort and belongingness this place fosters in all its residents, staff and volunteers. 

The sisters treat every resident as if they are a family, knowing and catering to their likes and dislikes, and always stopping for a conversation.  I will never forget the warm and comforting environment of this place.  Coming and working here every weekend helps me shed the burdens of life.





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