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Established on May 1, 1971


The Story of Mysore Home


The late Bishop Mathias Fernandes of Mysore invited the Little Sisters to start a Home for the aged, as he felt many poor people were abandoned in their old age. Hence the Little Sisters arrived in Mysore on May 1st 1971, and started to care for 10 aged people in the rooms that were provided for them. They contacted friends and benefactors who sponsored different parts of the building. As the blocks were completed more aged people were admitted. Since 1971 numerous elderly have spent their lives peacefully in the home till their end.


          The home at present offers shelter to 120 elderly persons of both sexes, irrespective of caste or creed, and who are above 60 years of age. They are provided with all the necessities of life. The aim of the sisters is to make the aged feel secure, loved and cared for in their old age.

          Admissions are given preferably to the poor, those who are deprived of family love, and who are rejected in society because of their poverty. In the home, two doctors – Dr. Mohan Kumar and Dr. AlphonsaHamsa offer their regular voluntary services and many others provide medical aid and timely help.  JSS Hospital conducts different medical camps such as Geriatric, Dental and Eye.  Health care and other requirements are attended to by the sisters. Occupational therapy makes the residents feel useful, while physiotherapy brings relief to the pains and aches of old age.  The funeral services are conducted according to each one’s belief.

          In order to maintain the home, the sisters depend on daily contributions, which they collect in the city, either in cash or kind. Donations made to the above institution are exempt U/S. 80G of the I.T. Act 1961.  Senior citizens are happy to be occupied in the home according to their talents. They form a happy family, where each one seeks to help the other in need. The residents have outings and picnics during the year. Each month a birthday celebration takes place, where all spend happy moments together as in a big family. They may also go out during the day; they may spend some days with their families also.

          The children from different schools come to entertain the residents, who enjoy the songs and dance of the youth. Often well-wishers come to offer meals, either for a festival, or for some anniversaries in the family. They are happy to share their joy with the aged. Some friends also offer voluntary service in various ways, where they find satisfaction in devoting some of their time to those who are lonely.

          The Little Sisters rely on the help of generous people to collaborate with them in their service to the elderly, so that the lives of these seniors are made happier, and that they are still needed in society with their experience of long lives.

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