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Established on August, 2, 1958

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The Story of Mumbai Home


            We, the Little Sisters of the Poor, dedicate our lives to the welcoming and caring for the elderly, who are 65 and above, who lack the necessities of life.

           Cardinal Valerian Gracias had repeatedly requested the Sisters to open a Home for the Aged, finally 2 Sisters arrived on August 2, 1958. Many hurdles had to be crossed. On March 5, 1962, the inauguration of the Home took place, even though only one block had been completed. Cardinal Valerian Gracias blessed the Home.

            For many years, 300 elderly residents, irrespective of caste or creed, lived together as one big, happy family. The people of Mumbai gave their unfailing support to maintain the Home. But, because of leaking roofs and crumbling walls, we were obliged to demolish the building; it took us over 2 years to obtain the permission. The reconstruction will soon begin. At present, only the sick and infirm are with us, 40 in number, all the other residents were accommodated in our different Homes in India.

          We are confident that Divine Providence through the intermediary of our friends and benefactors will enable us to construct a comfortable Home for the aged in the near future.

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