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Established on September 12, 2004


The Story of Jabalpur Home

At the invitation and the constant requests made by Bishop Gerald Almeida, Bishop of Jabalpur, a foundation there was accepted. The Bishop promised to give the Little Sisters a piece of land in RIMJHA where a Home for the elderly poor could be built. Provisionally, he offered a house for the Little Sisters, which was known as Augustine Nivas. The Little Sisters arrived at Jabalpur on 12th September 2004. They began welcoming the poor elderly people in Augustine Nivas. First on the list was an elderly couple. As time passed by the number of elderly people increased. The construction work too progressed rapidly. As the people came to know the Little Sisters they came forward to help them in various ways for the building work. Thus, the newly constructed Home was officially opened in November 2009. Today, there are 50 elderly Residents in the Home. The Little Sisters of the Poor, 10 in number, from different parts of India are happy to take care of them with love and dedication.

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