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Established on January 3, 2021

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The Story of Guntur Home

The foundation of Guntur was accepted after repeated appeals from Most Rev. Ignatius Mummadi, Bishop of Guntur and after his retirement, from his successor Rev. Dr. Mariadas Kaagithapu of the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales.

Four Little Sisters arrived for the foundation in June 1982. The joy of the Bishop and all in the diocese was very great, for a dream had come true as Bishop Emeritus Ignatius Mummadi said when he came to visit the Little Sisters. The Home was placed under the patronage of St. Francis de Sales.


It is actually in Nambur, in the diocese of Guntur, alongside the National Highway. The new Home was inaugurated in June 1986. At present, 85 aged poor reside there and are lovingly care for y 11 Little Sisters. The Residents are 65 years and above, of all caste and creed, free of charge. They are hard-working and love to cultivate the rich soil with fruit trees, vegetables, chillies, etc.

The Home has good medical team, Dr. R. Rham Kumar and his wife, Dr. J. Aruna comes every week and give regular check-ups. Major Chary takes an active part in the monthly Birthday parties. Many schools and colleges come to entertain the residents.

We depend on the Providence of God, who helps us through our friends and benefactors. Two Little Sisters go out collecting every day, from families, corporates, markets, the people of Guntur are generous, but with spiraling prices, the financial burden is heavy.

At present, we need rice, sugar, oil, dhal, milk powder, coffee powder, and for the cleaning and maintenance of the Home – soap, soap powder, detergent, phenyl etc. We would be very grateful for your support.

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