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Established on February 11, 1969


The Story of Coonoor Home

The long cherished dream of Bishop Anthony PADIYARA of having a Home, where the poor old people of his diocese could be taken care of, became a reality on February 11, 1969, when a small Home was inaugurated at Balaclava, COONOOR. In reality, the stables of INKERMAN Bungalow had been transformed into a little cottage, where four ladies could be accommodated.

Bishop PADIYARA had repeatedly asked Mother General to send him some Sisters, finally four Sisters arrived in early 1969 and arranged the little cottage to begin a temporary Home. In September of the same year, they moved into the main bungalow of INKERMAN. Bishop PADIYARA had kept his promise of donating he property required for the new Home, and also helped with a substantial amount of money for the construction.


On November 27, 1969, the foundation stone of the new Home for the Aged was blessed by Bishop PADIYARA. At present, 72 poor old people, irrespective of caste or creed live as a happy family in the Home at Balaclava, COONOOR. Food, shelter and medical care are all provided for, free of charge. Two Little Sisters go out collecting every day in order to maintain the Home. Would you also like to help? Click on the Donate button at the end of this page.

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