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Established on May 4, 1934

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Chennai Story 

Foundation for the Little Sisters of the Poor was asked by Mgr. Colgan Archbishop of Madras in 1887, to the Mother General in France. Then his Successor Mgr. Alelon, Archbishop of Madras, requested the second time in 1907, to open a Home for the elderly. The 2nd time also his request was not granted because of various reasons and difficulties at that time. Finally following the 3rd request of Mgr.Mederlet, Archbishop of Madras, The Mother General Marguerite Marie of the Sacred Heart agreed to open a Home in Madras.
So, it was on the 4th of May, first Friday in 1934, our 4 Little Sisters of the Poor from Colombo, set foot on the Holy Ground of Madras sanctified by Martyrdom of St. Thomas, the Apostle, ready to offer their lives as a pleasing sacrifice in the service of the aged poor. What a surprise of Providence! Tickets for the ship and the train were graciously offered. And at their arrival at Perambur, the Parish Priest and the Sisters of the Presentation Convent awaited for them and helped them to find a house at No.2, Perambur High Road.
Providence had not destined Perambur, for its unhealthy surroundings obliged the growing family to look out for a better place. A petition was placed at the foot of St. Joseph. The result of their search came to an end, in July 1936; St. Joseph spotted a well suited place with all required conditions at No.11. Harrington Road, Chetpet.
Supported by the Jesuit Fathers of Loyola College, all formalities were completed.
And the documents were signed on the 29th of August 1936, on the death Anniversary of our humble Mother Jeanne Jugan. Our Good Benefactors of “The Good Shepherd Sisters and The Binny Mills helped the Little Sisters and their Aged Poor, to shift from Perambur to Chetpet, at present No.11, Harrington Road.
We have in our Home 120 Residents  and 17 sisters who are taking care of them.

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