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Our Home for the Aged on Hosur Rd was founded in 1900.  It was 68 years later, in 1968 that another Home for the Aged along with a Novitiate for the training of young women to become Little Sisters  was inaugurated  in Bangalore on Hennur Rd.


In 1964 on Good Shepherd Sunday, the Apostolic Delegate for India, Mgr. Knox visited our Home on Hosur Rd.  He showed a lot of interest in our Apostolate and encouraged us to open a Novitiate in Bangalore.  Mother Provincial St. Edouard took this as a sign from God and began working out this project.  She was able to purchase a piece of land outside the city on Hennur Rd on the 4th September 1964.


It was 4 years later, on January 27th,  1968 when the building was complete that a group of Little Sisters along with some novices inaugurated the part of the Building destined for the Novitiate.  


Another Section of the building would be used for a Home for the Aged and on that same day, a group of 4 elderly ladies accompanied the Little Sisters and Novices to their new Home.


The Novitiate and Home for the Aged was put under the protection of Our Lady of Perpetuel Help and the Home and Novitiate are now knows as Our lady of Perpetuel Help Home & Novitiate.


Over the past  50 years the Home and Novitiate has grown.  Each year saw the Profession of a group of Novices who had prepared themselves during their two year stay in the Novitiate to become Little Sisters of the Poor.


As for the Home, the Residents increased in number over the years and even a few gents were able to find accommodation in it.  However due to the many requests asking for admission to the Home and also seeing the need for continual repairs after 50 years of existence, it was decided to reconstruct the Home to give better accommodation to the Elderly People and to be able to admit more.  The work of Reconstruction began in 2012 and the New Residents Block was completed in 2015 and now we are able to accommodate 40 elderly poor people, men and women.  The kitchen block and main dining room were completed in 2016.  


At present, the reconstruction work continues  as the administration block and the laundry have yet to be completed.


Divine Providence watches over our Home, as it does over all the Homes of the Little Sisters of the Poor throughout the world.  Because of this we are able to care for and make happy and comfortable the elderly people who live in our Home.  We can only always say after the example of our Saintly Mother Foundress, St. Jeanne Jugan: “Blessed be God, Thank you my God and Glory be to God” for the daily sustenance of our Home!


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