"We, the Little Sisters of the Poor are consecrated to God and dedicated to the service of the elderly poor which is sealed by our vow of hospitality. Trust in divine Providence and collecting are at the heart of the charism of Saint Jeanne Jugan, of her spirit and of her mission."


“The resolve to follow Christ as our one and only necessity, so as to make Him the centre of our life, leads us to renounce certain things which – although good and legitimate in themselves – could divert us from this resolution, so that we can imitate Jesus who in his life was chaste, poor , obedient and merciful. “ (Constitutions of LSP)

By a free and loving response to the gratuitous call of God, we offer ourselves to live entirely for him, by our vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience and hospitality.

  • To give God the first place in our lives, we offer our hearts and affections to Him by our vow of Chastity

  • To be detached from the things of this world, we place at  the disposition of our Congregation our personal talents and gift by our vow of Poverty

  • To conform ourselves more fully to Jesus Christ who was obedient until death, we make to God the total offering of our will.

Saint Jeanne Jugan’s counsels show that her spiritual life was centred on an unselfish love of Jesus, on communion with his mysteries, “All for you my Jesus”  “My good Jesus, I have only you.”

We strive to follow the example of our Mother Foundress Saint Jeanne Jugan in our day to day life.

We are happy to wear our religious habit which manifests our belonging to God. It is also a sign to the world of our consecration to God. We also wear a crucifix under our habit.


“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me. “ (St Mathew 25: 40)

“Never forget that the poor are our Lord!” (Saint Jeanne Jugan)

The fourth vow of hospitality that we make engages us to devote ourselves totally and uniquely to the service of the elderly Poor. The Service of the Aged Poor is an heritage received from our Mother Foundress Saint Jeanne Jugan.

The object of our vow is to practice the corporal works of mercy in view of the salvation of souls and spare no effort to attain this end. In daily life we try to show the elderly that our devotedness is spontaneous, faithful and gratuitous. We offer the same welcome to the aged poor of all religions.

We joyfully accomplish the humble and hidden tasks involved in caring for the elderly. We are at their disposition day and night and it is with joy that we constantly keep vigil near the aged who are dying.

As a community, we strive together to accomplish our service near the aged by consoling and rejoicing them with eagerness, patience and gentleness.


“Your Father knows that you need such things…. Do not live in fear, little flock.”( Luke 12: 30, 32)

This affirmation of Christ was for Jeanne Jugan a deeply personal conviction which became part of her life. Difficulties never made her doubt God’s loving solicitude:

“That seems impossible…but if God is with us, it will be accomplished.”

For the success of her undertakings she showed herself audacious in the use of human means – creative when necessary – and at the same time absolutely confident in the Providence of God.

Divine Providence gave a very powerful support to the work of Saint Jeanne Jugan. Success found her humbly grateful: “The good God has blessed me because I have always greatly thanked his Providence.”

We believe that it is God who inspires people to come to our aid in many ways. We, the Little Sisters of the Poor experience it in our daily lives. It is indeed a miracle to

witness our Homes functioning uniquely by the support of generous hearted people who are instruments of God’s Providence.


“The man who gives to the poor lends to Yahweh: He will repay him for what he has done.” Proverbs 19:17

“The awareness of the Fatherhood of God, with which Jeanne Jugan was
penetrated, made her look upon sharing as a normal gesture within the
large human family, in which all men are brothers and are invited to share
the goods of creation according to the law of justice which is inseparable
from charity. It was in this spirit that she provided for the subsistence
of her work through collecting.” (Constitutions LSP)

Collecting is an integral part of our charism and a vital
aspect of our mission since its origins, following our Mother who, despite difficulties, accomplished the begging for God and the poor. It is a manifestation of abandonment to Providence.

Although a Little Sister is in charge of the collecting in each
Home, it is the work of the community, for the Little Sisters
take their turns to accompany her. During the collecting rounds
the Little Sisters approach many persons. It necessitates an
attitude of humility and interior poverty. It bears witness to
our confidence in God, which makes us rely on the intervention
of Providence without however neglecting human means.

Through the collecting, Jeanne Jugan associated the laity to her work, since she desired that a channel for grace might be
opened in their soul through their act of selfless charity.

People also come to the Home bringing provisions or any other items that we require for the home; Sponsor meals on different occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, death anniversaries etc.; bring fruits, biscuits or snacks and distribute to the Elderly.

“What would we do without our good benefactors?”

- Saint Jeanne Jugan exclaimed.

We show our gratitude to our friends and benefactors and we pray for them.