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Gratitude to Mr. Selva Lingam for his devoted service during the past 25 years at Tutcorin!

On June 3, 2022 we had the joy of congratulating our driver Mr. Selva Lingam for his tireless services during the past 25 years. It was decided to celebrate the event when our Mother Provincial would be present with us. At 3.30 pm his family arrived. The kitchen band of our elderly men inaugurated the jubilee celebrations and Mr. Lingam cut the jubilee cake with his wife and grandson. The cultural program included a dance by the Ladies, skit by staff members and felicitation by our AJJ member Ms. Jane. Jane highlighted his wonderful skills such as carpentry, welding, electrical and plumbing. Mother Provincial in her turn also thanked him for his generous services. Snacks was served to all present and the day ended with a happy note for the jubilarian as well as for all at home. May God reward him for his generous services towards the home.


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